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RHAA Ranch Horse Competition

RHAA Ranch Horse Competition

Join us for the Ranch Horse Association of America’s National Finals. Where qualified riders & horses gather together to compete for the ultimate title in their division. These elite duos will be showcasing their remarkable abilities to accomplish tasks of a variety of skillsets – all within one run. Don’t miss out on a chance at watching some of the best ranch horses in the industry.

Competitions include a dry work pattern made up of circles, spins, stops, lead changes, and rollbacks. Once the pattern is completed, riders box a cow on the end of the arena, then drive it down the fence and turn the cow each direction. To complete the run, contestants then rope the cow and drag it several feet to show the horse's ability to work the cow.

RHAA Competition Entry

If you are in need of an entry form for the competition, please contact Katie Frank at 817.910.3538 or email.
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