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Green Land & Cattle Co.

Green Land & Cattle Company
Albany, Texas
Founded: 1892
In the 1870’s, Thomas Henry Green, Confederate veteran from Hill County, Texas was in the horse business, running his stock on the open range of West Central Texas. Later on, the open range was being fenced, and, a herd of mares, colts and geldings belonging to him, were located in Western Stephens County, on Hubbard Creek. He sent his young son, William Henry, a recent 1885 graduate of Trinity University, up the Texas Central Railroad to Albany, with instructions to locate, gather, and sell the horses and return to Hill County with the proceeds. Henry did everything his father told him except return to Hill County, as he was so impressed with the Hubbard Creek country that he used the money received from the horses to lease and later purchase what was to be the beginning of the Green Ranches.
As the years passed, he was able to acquire additional ranch land, which was fortunate, for all four of his children became ranchers. Today, Henry Green’s children have ranches in Stephens, Shackelford, Oldham, Hartley, and Motley counties, owning or controlling over 150,000 acres. Billy Green lives in Albany, Tom Green on a ranch near Vega in the Panhandle, the late Mary Anna Green Musselman until her death resided on a ranch near Ibex, and Bob Green lives on the old original ranch near Hubbard Creek Lake.
When William Henry Green first acquired a herd of cows that were branded “J” on the left hip, he adopted that brand as his own. The Green Ranches of today run Hereford and black baldy cows plus yearlings as well as a brood mare herd to furnish replacement horses for their ranching operation.
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