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Tongue River Ranch

Tongue River Ranch
Dumont, Texas
Founded: 1898
In 1898 Eric and Albin Swenson purchased the 79,000 acre Scab 8 Ranch. The ranch was located in the excellent ranch country of King, Cottle, Motley and Dickens counties. The brothers renamed it Tongue River Ranch (TRR) because of its location on the Tongue (South Pease) River, aptly named in reference to black tongue, a nineteenth century disease which wiped out many buffalo in the region. Folklore also states that the many different Indian tribes in the area nicknamed the river “River of Many Tongues” which was later shortened to Tongue River.
Present day owner, Millard Morris purchased the picturesque Tongue River at its current size of 89,000 rolling acres in 1997. In 2007, Tongue River added the scenic 30,000 acre Big Baldy Ranch in New Mexico. The facilities are modern, but the feel of the ranch is that of the old west. The cowboys roll out the chuck wagon pulled by a team of mules twice a year for two weeks in the fall and spring. The cattle are worked just as they were 100 years ago.
The Ranch Manager is Tome Moorhouse. Tome and his wife Becky have been instrumental in preserving the ranch heritage.
Paramount to the Tongue River Ranch operation is their outstanding horse program. TRR has concentrated on raising horses that are well built, highly intelligent and incredible athletes. This is evidenced by the numerous ranch rodeo wins and top horse honors TRR has received and the fact that Tongue River Ranch was the 2011 recipient of the prestigious AQHA Best of Remuda Award.
Tongue River Ranch takes great pride in preserving the land for future generations. Continuing tradition and preserving history is a way of life, not a job at Tongue River Ranch.
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