Thank you for an awesome Western Heritage Classic! We will see you in 2025!
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Committee Member Volunteers

Thank You to our volunteers for your hard work and dedication to this event we hold dear to our hearts! Western Heritage Classic would not be the major event it has become without your continued support of volunteering.

Children's Activities
Chair: Alyssa Rhodes

Brandi Moeller
Heather Patterson
Debbie Jones
Heather Lopez
Beth Raymond

Chuckwagon Cookoff
Chair: Cary Etter

Cowboy Poetry & Music
Chair: Jeff Gore
Donna Gore

Diamond Dolls
Coordinator: Bridgett Hutcheson

Dignitary Transportation
Ray & Melinda Aaron
David & Karen Beard
Jack & Karleen Boyd
Brice Jackson
Sam Gill
Archie Jobe
Debbie Jones
Jim Kennedy
Ronnie McWhirter
Ronnie Mitchell
Deanna Owen
Randy Scannell
Larry Stark
Cliff Teinert

Fiddlers Contest
Chair: Math & Jan Deatherage

Gate Workers
Jay Barbian
Elijah Freeman

Royce Manning
Lee Yaddow
Jim Tredennick
Jim Goodwin

Invitational Horse Sale

Chair: John Anderson
Billy Green
Phil Guitar
Bill Smith
Tom Moorhouse
Sale Manager: Holly Cogdell

Matched Horse Races
Chair: Todd Richardson
Butch Albus
Chris Brannon
John Barbee
Mitch Barnett
Wesley Harrison
Rickey Cowley
Rain Davis
Guy Elkins
Waddy Hills
Jarret Hutcheson
Cheryl Johnston
Brant Johnston
Roy Russell
Nick Sanders
Vick Sanders
Jim Tallant
Mike Woodson

Chair: Kathy Grubb
Co-Chair: Beth Byerly
Co-Chair: Melanie Martin
Sparky & Rose Dean
Sandra Griffin
James Grubb
Connie Keaton
Glen McCorkle
Randy Roberts
Floyd & Deb Sanders
Shawn & Brenda Kennedy

Ranch Horse Association of America
President: Parke Greeson
Vice President: Clay McKesson
Executive Secretary: Lottie Cogdell
Terry Riddle
Tripp Townsend
Bill Smith
Kelly Gill
Phil Guitar
Bob Moorhouse
Tom Moorhouse
Mike Seago
TJ Roberts
Robert Forst
Grant Mitchell
Sylvia McComber
Kyle Peebles

Show Office Manager: Lottie Cogdell
Show Office Staff: Kelsey Coon
Cattle Crew:
Zack Burson
TJ Wood
Jack McComber
Bozo Rogers

Ranch Rodeo Ground Crew
Chair: Kelly Gill
Scott Boeshart
Calvin Cox
Jim Craft
Kolby Kelley
Brandon Mast
Randy Roberts
Coy Smith
Jay Wise

Rhinestone Girls
Coordinators: Stacy Doby &
Suzanne Strain

Rhinestone Round Up
Honorary Chair: Jane Guitar
Jr. League of Abilene
Kasey Johnson
Hailey Lynn
Canon Cavazos
Sarah Holt
Kristi Allgood
Veronica Fuentes

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