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Rules and Scoring

Rules are subject to change. Below is a general description of the Ranch Rodeo event rules implemented at Western Heritage Classic. These rules may be different from other Ranch Rodeo events.

*Roper must stand behind the line at South end of Telecom. Cow will be released from North end of Telecom.
*Roper must stay on horse, 3 men on ground.
*Roper is given two chances to rope the cow.
*Cow must be up when milked. (Down is cow with belly or side on ground)
*Two minute time limit for event
Time starts as cow crosses the line: Line is same as for steer roping. Roper must not leave line until judge signals. Ten second penalty for leaving early. Once signaled by the judge, the roper chases the cow while horseback and ropes the cow. The three teammates then grab the cow and one designated teammate milks the cow. When the milker believes they have enough milk, they run to circle to meet with the judge. Time stops when milker enters circle or, if milking cow inside circle, raises his hand with the bottle. Judge will pour the milk to verify the time. No milk, no time. Disqualification if roper gets off horse or cow is intentionally tripped. *Calves will be pulled off cows by noon and cows should be checked to have milk prior to rodeo time. If a cow is determined dry in the arena, the team will be given a rerun.


*Judge will call pre-drawn number for the team’s cattle as the team enters the arena.
*One cutter, three penners.
*Designated cutter is the only rider allowed to enter the herd.
*No loping into the herd by cutter.
*Team captain to signal for time to stop by raising his hand.
*To settle the herd, each ranch team will designate one person to help hold the herd while the first ranch to go on Friday night performance and Saturday night performance will be allowed to settle the herd with a maximum time limit of 5 minutes. This person may enter the herd.
*Three minute time limit for event.
Line will be next to herd. Time starts and cattle number will be called when cutter crosses line into the herd. He must cut out the correctly numbered cattle and drive them across the line to the pick-up men who will take them to the pen. Only the correctly numbered cattle should be in the pen when time is called. Any wrong numbers would mean disqualification. Team Captain has the option to call the time with only one, two or three head in the pen. The team with the fastest time and the most correctly numbered cattle penned wins. Cattle will be held in the pen after time stops so numbers may be verified by judge.

*2 teams to rope at same time.
*Required to brand 2 calves.
*One roper, two muggers, one brander.
*Catch as catch can.
*Only the roper is allowed across the line.
*Calf, flat on side when branded.
*Can brand any calf on either hip or side.
*Flanker can’t touch calf until calf is across the line.
*15 second penalty for illegal brand (not on side or hip).
*30 second penalty for unnecessary interference. Judges discretion.
*30 second penalty for loping into or out of herd.
*Calf must re-enter the herd before he can be re-branded.
*If two calves are caught with the same loop only one can be branded.
*Two and ½ minute time limit.
Time to start when roper crosses the line. Judge will signal when brander starts. Brander has to go back to bucket after each calf and final time stops after last calf is branded and iron is back in bucket. Calf must be flat on side before branding. Brander can leave bucket after rope is removed from calf. Can brand any calf on either hip or side.


*Ranch saddles must be used.
*Halter with one rein is required.
*Eight seconds is judged a ride.
*Horses must be flanked by same man for all teams.
*Rider is scored if horse is ridden.
*Night Latch is legal.

*4 Man team – 1 Designated Cutter, 3 Herd Holders
*4 Loop limit
*2 Minute time limit
*Neck or neck and foreleg are legal catches
*1 or 2 Heels are legal catches
Time starts when designated cutter crosses line. The correctly numbered yearling will be called out as cutter approaches the line. No loping into the herd or unnecessary chasing of the cattle. Judge may impose a 30 second penalty for such actions. Correctly numbered yearling must be across line before it can be roped. Any other cattle crossing the line prior to the correctly numbered yearling crossing the line must be back over the line prior to roping the correctly numbered yearling. If other cattle cross the line after the correctly numbered yearling is being pursued across the line, there will be no penalty. The other two cowboys must remove their ropes from their saddles and throw them on the ground before dismounting for safety reasons; failure to remove ropes will result in a 10 second penalty. The two cowboys on the ground must get yearling flat on its side before removing both ropes. Time stops when the ropes are removed. At all times during this event, only the designated cutter may be across the line at a time.

Only the first 6 places for each of the 5 events with first place winning 12 points, second place 9 points, third place 7 points, fourth place 5 points, fifth place 3 points and sixth place 1 point. This helps create a greater spread between the teams. There will be an added column for each of the 5 events for average winners, meaning that the winner of the average for both nights will receive 12 points, the second place team in the average will receive 9 points and so on.
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