Thank you for an awesome Western Heritage Classic! We will see you in 2025!
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Code of Conduct

Appropriate attire must be worn at all times. Shirt and shoes are required - No exposed underwear, baggy pants below waist, mid-drift shirts, gang colors or gang signs.

Gang related dress and activities are prohibited

No disorderly, disruptive conduct or behavior that endangers others will be tolerated. Skateboarding, roller blades, bicycles, radios, cat calls, profanity, etc. are prohibited.

Any federal, state, or local criminally recognized act or group is prohibited.

No picketing, distributing handbills, soliciting, or petitioning without management approval.

Absolutely no pets allowed on the grounds of the Expo Center.

Use trash receptacles - Please help us keep our facility clean for others to enjoy.

No loitering, blocking storefronts, or walking groups that inconvenience others.

No alcoholic beverages may be taken outside of the gates or consumed in the parking lots. Remember, if you drink DON’T DRIVE! Call a cab or have a friend drive you home.

Smoking and vaping is prohibited. The Western Heritage Classic is a public event and smoking or vaping will not be allowed while on the fairgrounds.

No food or drink is permitted to be brought into the gates unless for children in strollers.

This list is not all inclusive and may be modified at any time by the management. Security will escort, completely off the grounds, any persons for these infractions.
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