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Event Results

Results for WHC 2017 events:

Ranch Rodeo Results

1st place: Guitar Ranch
2nd place: Pitchfork Ranch
3rd place: Green Land and Cattle
4th place: Stuart Ranch

Top Remuda: Tongue River Ranch
Top Horse: Robert Forest - Stuart Ranch
Top Hand: Cody Aaron - Guitar Ranch

Average Winners:
Calf Branding: Pitchfork Land & Cattle Co.
Team Penning: Guitar Ranches
Team Doctoring: Guitar Ranches
Wild Cow Milking: Tongue River Ranch
Friday Ranch Bronc Riding: Zane Peters- Green Land & Cattle Co.
Saturday Ranch Bronc Riding: Zack Peters- Pitchfork Land & Cattle Co.

Chuckwagon Cookoff Competition

Bread Standings:

1st Place: Scorpion Cattle Co.
2nd: Breakaway
3rd: Rainy Creek
4th: Cocklebur
5th: J Diamond B

Meat Standings:

1st Place: Roberson Wagon
2nd: Moreland
3rd: Rainey Creek
4th: Rafter JB
5th: Hester

Bean Standings:

1st Place: Rafter JB
2nd: Four Up
3rd: Tie for 3rd, Brushy Creek Cowboy Church, Hester and 2nd Chance

Potato Standings:

1st Place: Four Up
2nd: J Diamond B
3rd: 3 Cross
4th: Hester
5th: West Texas Rehab Center

Dessert Standings:

1st Place: Tie for 1st, Brushy Creek and Rocking A
3rd: J Diamond B
4th: Tie for 4th, Roberson Wagon, W.T. Rehab and Moreland

Wagon Authenticity:

1st Place: J Diamond B
2nd: Breakaway
3rd: Moreland
4th: Scorpion Cattle Co.
5th: Roberson Wagon

Overall Winners:

1st Place: Roberson Wagon
2nd: Breakaway
3rd: J Diamond B
4th: Scorpion Cattle Co.
5th: Rafter JB

Fiddler's Contest

60 years and older:

1st Place: Math Deatherage, Abilene, TX.
2nd:Bill Burns, Abilene, TX.
3rd: Charles Reichert, Coleman, TX.

31-59 years

1st Place: Shane Keys, Midland, TX.
2nd: Robbin Guinn, Albany, TX.
3rd: Carmen Trombley, Eastland, TX.

13-30 years

1st Place: Jillian Guinn, Albany, TX
2nd: Bryson Davis, Albany, TX
3rd: Sidney Bartee, Albany, TX

12 years and under

1st Place: Boone Askew, Albany, TX
2nd: Hunter Sutton, Albany, TX
3rd: Bella Askew, Albany, TX

Haney Cannon Stickhorse Rodeo Winners:

Ages 3-4:
1st Place: Garret Slover
2nd: Quade Kittley
3rd: Lane Winter
Ages 5-6
1st Place: Cutter Kiker
2nd: Halle Beard
3rd: Hallie Wood
Ages 7-8
1st Place: Rustlyn Ross
2nd: Lexi Foster
3rd: Brody Clement


Ages 3-4
1st Place: Quade Kittley
2nd: Jaxten Jennings
3rd: Ayers Bezner
Ages 5-6
1st Place: Tom Clay
2nd: Hallie Wood
3rd: Lane Bristow
Ages 7-8
1st Place: Ethan Hemphill
2nd: Hadley Hemphill
3rd: Gage Slover

Dummy Roping:

3-6 year old:
1st Place: Levi Littefield
2nd: Jaxon Price
3rd: Lash Harwell
7-9 year old:
1st Place: Brody Clement
2nd: Hadley Sanders
3rd: Hudson Hermes
10-12 year old
1st Place: Whitlaw Williamson
2nd: Hayden Sanders
3rd: Carson Creach

Best Dressed Cowgirl: Piper Bristow

Best Dressed Cowboy: Tripp Klam

Boot Race: Piper Bristow, Cutter Kiker, Lexi Foster

WHC Horse Sale Results:

Top Selling Horse: TRR Sharlenas Pepcid, a 2008 Gelding for $25,000
Consignor: Tongue River Ranch

Matched Horse Race Winners:

1st: Kayla Reid
2nd: Anna Shortes
3rd: Wyn D Lee Roberts
4th: Caitlin Rankin

Boys Foot Race: Bradley Hutchinson
Girls Foot Race: Jessie Harris

Colt Starting Challenge Winners

1st: Briana Lafllur - Granbury,TX

2nd: Steve Graycheck - Carrolton,GA

3rd: Tie Travis Aaron - Franklin, TX and Joshua Still- Godley, TX

WHC Parade Winners:

Buggies & Carts
1st Place: JL Cattle Company
2nd: Larry Stark
3rd: Bobby Phillips

1st Place: West Texas Rehab Center

Rubber Tire "Vehicle type tire"
1st Place: David Beard
2nd: Jim Kennedy
3rd: 40 Something Cowgirls

All Other Wagons
1st Place: JP Bacacita Farms
2nd: A Bar 2 Ranch
3rd: Rockin H.

Riding Club (Out of town)
1st Place: Coleman County Cowgirls
2nd: Cowboy Capital Pro Rodeo
3rd: Coleman Co. Rodeo Association

Riding Club (In town)
1st Place: 40 Something Cowgirls
2nd: Lonestar Ladies
3rd: Callahan County

Antique Cars
1st Place: Bill Smith
2nd: Nancy Young
3rd: Bill & Sarah Spencer

RHAA Ranch Horse Competition Finals

Class: Cowboy

Kameron BuchananHeza Hickory ColonelKameron Buchanan 357$850 Saddle/Buckle/Jacket
Ryan Birkenfield TAMU Twista Libling Keith Birkenfield 345 $750 Buckle/Jacket
Brad Shadle SCR Metallic Chic Singleton Ranches 339 $600 Saddle Pad/Jacket
Clint Lewis Sixes Badger Clint Lewis 338 $450 Saddle Pad/Jacket
Brazos Roberts TRR Sharlenas Pepcid Tongue River Ranch 289 $350 Saddle Pad/Jacket

Class: Ranch Hand Class

Trail Townsend TRR Lucky Playgun Trail Townsend 351 $950 Saddle/Buckle/Jacket
Landon Brown Sheriffs Lady Landon Brown 343 $800 Buckle/Jacket
Jayton Baca Smart Lil Redman Jayton Baca 340 $600 Saddle Pad/Jacket
Ryan Birkenfield TAMU Twista Libling Keith Birkenfield 334 $500 Saddle Pad/Jacket
Grant Mitchell SCR Crackin One Time Singleton Ranches 329 $400 Saddle Pad/Jacket

Class: Junior

Chris Littlefield Bold and Beautiful Chris Littlefield 373 $1,250.00 Saddle/Buckle/Jacket
Elwyn McCleskey HR Buttermilk Pepto Silver Spur Operating 369 $1,050.00 Buckle/Jacket
True Burson Six Flo Cat Burnett Ranches 367 $850.00 Saddle pad/Jacket
Gatlin Duncan Gray Hope Stik Gatlin Duncan 357 $650.00 Saddle pad/Jacket
Tripp Townsend Four Metallic Tripp Townsend 343 $450.00 Saddle pad/Jacket

Class: Senior

Terry Riddle Natural Bottom Burnett Ranches 373 $900 Saddle/Buckle/Jacket
TJ Roberts TRR Sharlena Kat Tongue River Ranch 360 $800 Buckle/Jacket
Parke Greeson Smart Sugar Star Sarco Creek Ranch 359 $700 Saddle pad/Jacket
Elizabeth Yeary Houidini Santana Elizabeth Yeary 357 $600 Saddle pad/Jacket
Tripp Townsend Smart Smartie Tripp Townsend 351 $500 Saddle pad/Jacket

Regan WheatleyLM Typical ShadowBonnie Wheatley357$960.00 Saddle/Buckle/Jacket
Cooper McCleskeyOne Eyed ReflectionSilver Spur Operating332$800.00 Buckle/Jacket
Waylon DavisRoys DiabloWaylon Davis327$640.00 Saddle Pad/Jacket
Brazos RobertsTRR Sharlena KatTongue River Ranch318$480.00 Saddle Pad/Jacket
Danny WhitfieldPurr CatDanny & Tina Whitfield315$350.00 Saddle Pad/Jacket

YOUTH RHAA Ranch Horse Competition


1st Sterlin Mitchell riding Sophie

2nd Cash Ashlock riding Reys Shorty


1st Trail Townsend riding Smart Smartie

2nd Jake Baca riding Meradas Twister Bee


Event Results
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