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Children's Dummy Roping Entry 2021

Western Heritage Classic

Haney Cannon Dummy Roping

Saturday, May 8, 2021
Guitar Arena

Grand Entry for all contestants: 9:00 am
Best Dressed Cowgirl & Cowboy: 9:10 am
All other events immediately following

Entry Fees:

$15 per child for Dummy Roping
*Note: If you do not receive an emailed receipt, registration is not complete!

All entries will be done by the online submission. Your entry submission will not be finalized until payment has been made. We will confirm your entry/payment by email, so it is important to give us a good email address for us to contact you. If you have questions, please call the office at 325-677-4376.

We have some great prizes for our little cowgirls and cowboys!

All age groups in each event will receive a prize if they place 1st - 3rd
One prize will be given to the "Best Dressed Cowgirl" and "Best Dressed Cowboy" competition and 1st - 3rd in the Boot Race.

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2021 Dummy Roping
May 08, 2021
Note: To submit this form you must put a number in the quantity box. Even if it is 0 for one of the events, the form will not let you save until you have specified the quantity. If you do not receive an emailed receipt, registration is not complete!

It is important that parents remember a few things:

Each child will be able to be a part of the Boot Race and be judged for the Best Dressed if they have entered in one of the events.
1. No parents are allowed in the arena during the event.
2. All parents must stay behind the fenced areas.
3. Children's Event volunteers will help your child come into the arena and give them verbal advice/encouragement.
4. If we have to help your child physically go around the barrel pattern, they will not be given a qualified time.
5. If your child doesn't run the barrel pattern correctly, they will not be given a qualified time. So, work with them on the barrel pattern so they know how to run it correctly!
6. During the boot race, it is important to make sure that your child put his/her boot on completely before they step into the ring with the judge. Please note, they are required to run to the ring where the judge is and not just run across the starting line....we will verbalize this to them during the event, but encourage them to listen to the judges and announcer during the events, not you on the sideline.
7. Most of all, this is for FUN and entertainment for the children, parents, and families....we do have some great prizes up for grabs, but please show some respect for everyone involved and remember that everyone is a winner in this event! Them having the courage to participate shows they are a true cowboy or cowgirl!

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