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Event Results

Results for WHC 2019 events:

Ranch Rodeo Results

1st place: Matthews/Nail Ranch
2nd place: Tongue River Ranch
3rd place: Green Land & Cattle Co.
4th place: Tie: Swenson Land & Cattle Co.

Top Remuda: Haythorn Ranch
Top Horse: Craig Haythorn Horse
Top Hand: Colton Mayo

Average Winners:
Calf Branding: Green Land & Cattle Co.
Team Penning: Pitchfork Land & Cattle Co.
Team Doctoring: Tongue River Ranch
Wild Cow Milking: Tongue River Ranch
Friday Ranch Bronc Riding: Levi Jones- Pitchfork Land & Cattle Co.
Saturday Ranch Bronc Riding: Colten Mayo - Matthews/Nail Ranch

Chuckwagon Cookoff Competition

Overall Winners:

1st Place: Cripple Creek
2nd: Scorpion

Bread Standings:

1st Place: Express Ranch
2nd: Rafter JB
3rd: Scorpion
4th: Cripple Creek
5th: Brushy Creek

Meat Standings:

1st Place: Rocking A
2nd: Breakaway
3rd: Scorpion
4th: Rafter JB
5th: Cripple Creek

Bean Standings:

1st Place: Scorpion
2nd: Cripple Creek
3rd: HX Chuckwagon
4th: Brushy Creek
5th: Rainey Creek

Potato Standings:

1st Place: Rainey Creek
2nd: Rocking A
3rd: Cowboy Heritage
4th: Cripple Creek
5th: Lonely Goat

Dessert Standings:

1st Place: Brushy Creek
2nd Place: Cripple Creek
3rd: Cocklebur
4th: HX Chuckwagon
5th: Scorpion

Wagon Authenticity:

1st Place: Express Ranch
2nd: Breakaway
3rd: Cripple Creek
4th: Scorpion
5th: Rainey Creek

Fiddler's Contest

60 years and older:

Results Coming Soon!

31-59 years

Results Coming Soon!

13-30 years

Results Coming Soon!

12 years and under

Results Coming Soon!

Haney Cannon Stickhorse Rodeo Winners:

Ages 3-4:
Results Coming Soon!

Ages 5-6
Results Coming Soon!

Ages 7-9
Results Coming Soon!


Ages 3-4
Results Coming Soon!

Ages 5-6
Results Coming Soon!

Ages 7-8
Results Coming Soon!

Dummy Roping:

3-6 year old:
Results Coming Soon!

7-9 year old:
Results Coming Soon!

10-12 year old
Results Coming Soon!

Best Dressed Cowgirl: Results Coming Soon!

Best Dressed Cowboy: Results Coming Soon!

Boot Race: Results Coming Soon!

WHC Horse Sale Results:

Top Selling Horse: Results Coming Soon!
Consignor: Results Coming Soon!

Matched Horse Race Winners:

1st: Results Coming Soon!

Boys Foot Race: Results Coming Soon!
Girls Foot Race: Results Coming Soon

Colt Starting Challenge Winners

Results Coming Soon!

WHC Parade Winners:

Buggies & Carts
1st Place: Sam Gill (Surry)
2nd Place: Ronnie Mitchell (Surry)
3rd Place: Larry & Cynthia Stark
1st Place: West Texas Rehab Center

Rubber Tire "Vehicle type tire"
1st Place: 40 Something Cowgirls
2nd: Brandon Beard (Hay wagon)
3rd: David Beard (Hay wagon)
All Other Wagons
1st Place: Danny Hutto (Hitch Wagon)
2nd Place: Denney Schilthuis
3rd Place: Cliff Teinert (Military)
Riding Club (Out of town)
1st Place: Coleman County Cowgirls
2nd: Nolan County Posse
3rd: Lone Star Ladies
Riding Club (In town)
1st Place: Marvelous Maverick
2nd: Taylor County
3rd: Abilene Christian University
Antique Cars
1st Place: Bill Smith
2nd: Jim Lowery
3rd: Leon Berube
Open Division

Open Division

1st Place: 3 Crosses Cowboy Church
2nd: Taylor County Sheriff’s Posse
3rd: Big Tex Trailer World
Youth Division
1st: La Reyna De Ballet
2nd: St Ballet Folklorico
3rd: Rentech & HEB
Antique Tractors
1st: John Emerson
2nd: Roy Caldwell
3rd: Ranger College – Hereman Glueck

RHAA Ranch Horse Competition Finals

Class: Cowboy

Coming soonSparks Genuine ArticleKeith Birkenfeld319$900 Saddle/Buckle/Jacket
Coming Soon TRR Pepto YI YOTongue River Ranch315$850 Buckle/Jacket
Squirrel AccountSwenson Land & Cattle Co.301$750 Saddle Pad/Jacket
MITO Sunny LenaHannah Shafer294$600 Saddle Pad/Jacket
Paid to Dual XIColton Baca284 $450 Saddle Pad/Jacket

Class: Ranch Hand Class

Coming soonToo Suen LaddieLane Oles337 $900 Saddle/Buckle/Jacket
Smart Lil RedmanJayton Baca331 $800 Buckle/Jacket
CR Josys Little ZackJeff or Melodye Dees310$700 Saddle Pad/Jacket
Sixies BadgerClint Lewis300$500 Saddle Pad/Jacket
Smart & SteadfastMary King0$500 Saddle Pad/Jacket

Class: Junior

Coming SoonSparkin Jo BeckettRiley Smith355 $1,000.00 Saddle/Buckle/Jacket
Boon HickorysAsa Daugherty352$950.00 Buckle/Jacket
Smart Smokin PeppyRon Redford322$850.00 Saddle pad/Jacket

SonofahatSwenson Land & Cattle310 $650.00 Saddle pad/Jacket
Pick Your BetBurnett Ranches, LLD0$550.00 Saddle pad/Jacket

Class: Senior

Coming soonGray Hope StikGatlin Duncan397 $800 Saddle/Buckle/Jacket
Smart Sugar StarSarco Creek Ranch381 $700 Buckle/Jacket
Houdini SantanaElizabeth Yeary341$600 Saddle pad/Jacket
Smart & SteadfastMary King331$500 Saddle pad/Jacket
Cat in the BoonlightHigh Card Ranch322$400 Saddle pad/Jacket

Coming Soon SCR Crackin One TimeSingleton Ranches347$800.00 Saddle/Buckle/Jacket
Iokay GunpowderJoe Stovell308$700.00 Buckle/Jacket
SMS Thats a Fact JackSwenson Land &Cattle306$600.00 Saddle Pad/Jacket
WM Little Peppy LenaCedar Stevenson284$500.00 Saddle Pad/Jacket
A Brown Bag SpecialChance Campbell238$400.00 Saddle Pad/Jacket

YOUTH RHAA Ranch Horse Competition


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Event Results
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