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Event Results

Results for WHC 2021 events:

Ranch Rodeo Results

1st Place: Matthews/Nail Ranch – Albany, TX

2nd Place: Green Land & Cattle Company – Albany, TX

3rd Place: Haythorn Land & Cattle Company – Arthur, NE

Tie for 4th & 5th Place: Guitar Ranches – Abilene, TX & Swenson Land & Cattle Company – Stamford, TX

6th Place: Stuart Ranch – Waurika, OK

Top Hand: Waylon Davis – Guitar Ranches

Top Horse: “Mucho” - Mark Voss – Swenson Land & Cattle Company

Top Remuda: Swenson Land & Cattle Company

Average Winners

Calf Branding: Green Land & Cattle Company

Team Penning: Swenson Land & Cattle Company

Team Doctoring: Matthews/Nail Ranch
Wild Cow Milking: Matthews/Nail Ranch

Friday Ranch Bronc Riding: Ian McDonald – Tongue River Ranch

Saturday Ranch Bronc Riding: Colten Mayo – Matthews/Nail Ranch

Parade Results

Buggies & Carts

  1. Archie Jobe
  2. 40 Something Cowgirls
  3. David Beard

Rubber Tire “Vehicle Type Tire”

  1. Larry Stark
  2. JL Cattle Co.
  3. Coming to Town

All Other Wagons

  1. Danny Hutto
  2. Jack Boyd
  3. Danny Hutto

Antique Tractors

  1. Rickey Johnson
  2. Treva Johnson
  3. Rickie Johnson

Antique Cars

  1. Vern Sutterfield
  2. Ben E. Keith Beverage
  3. Sherriff on Patrol – Lowery Classic Cars

Decorated Floats

Open Division

  1. Fort Griffin Living History
  2. Daughters of the Nile
  3. Rentech Chili Super Bowl

Riding Clubs

  1. Coleman County Cowgirls
  2. 40 Something Cowgirls
  3. 5D Cowgirls

Chuckwagon Cookoff Results

Overall Winners

  1. Cross Timbers
  2. Slash R

Wagon Authenticity

  1. Moreland
  2. Slash R
  3. Cripple Creek
  4. Cowboy Heritage Church
  5. Cross Timbers

Bread Standings

  1. Moreland
  2. Slash R
  3. Cripple Creek
  4. Cowboy Heritage Church
  5. Cross Timbers

Meat Standings

  1. Scorpion Cattle Company
  2. Moreland
  3. Cross Timbers
  4. Cowboy Heritage Church
  5. Cripple Creek

Bean Standings

  1. Slash R
  2. Cross Timbers
  3. Scorpion Cattle Company
  4. Cripple Creek
  5. Breakaway

Potato Standings

  1. Cross Timbers
  2. Slash R
  3. Cripple Creek
  4. Breakaway
  5. Rafter JB

Dessert Standings

  1. Rafter JB
  2. Slash R
  3. Brushy Creek Cowboy Church
  4. Cross Timbers
  5. Moreland

Haney Cannon Stick Horse Rodeo & Steer Dummy Roping

Best Dressed Cowgirl: Brystal Mueller

Best Dressed Cowboy: Waylon Denmark


Ages 3-4

1st Place: Brynlee Mueller

2nd Place: Cohen Deaver

3rd Place: Clancy Burton

Ages 5-6

1st Place: Bristol Jones

2nd Place: Olana Urvina

3rd Place: Cora Ogilvie

Ages 7-9

1st Place: Kinley Miller

2nd Place: Riggyn Saunders

3rd Place: Jake Williford

Bronc Riding

Ages 3-4

1st Place: Clancy Burton

2nd Place: Tres Bezner

3rd Place: Cohen Deaver

Ages 5-6

1st Place: Waylon Denmark

2nd Place: Holt King

3rd Place: Ryker Burson

Ages 7-9

1st Place: Nason Wade

2nd Place: Kinley Miller

3rd Place: Kaylin Wade

Boot Race Winners

Ages 3-4 Clancy Burton

Ages 5-6 Waylon Denmark

Ages 7-9 Nason Wade

Steer Dummy Roping

Ages 6 and Under

1st Place: Ryker Burson

2nd Place: Waylon Denmark

3rd Place: Creed Cogdell

Ages 7-9

1st Place: Riggin Smith

2nd Place: Pistol Hatton

3rd Place: Cade Pahme

Western Heritage Ranch Horse Sale

High Selling Horse: Shines On - $65,000 – Sale Record

Consignor: Durrett Cattle Company

The average ring bid was $17,280.95 and the top three horses sold were:

  1. Shines On consigned by Durrett Cattle Co. - $65,000
  2. Peptos Sweet CD consigned by Happy Valley Ranch - $57,000
  3. TRR Becaco Pep consigned by Billy’s Creek Ranch - $50,000
  4. Playn A CD consigned by 45 Quarter Horses - $50,000


Top Cowboy Class Horse: SCR CRACKIN ONE TIME – Trey Mitchell, Rider; Singleton Ranches, Owner

Top Ranch Hand Class Horse: FANO RIO – Orren Koontz, Owner & Rider

Top Junior Class Horse: METALLIC MY WAY – Wes Housler, Owner & Rider

Top Senior Class Horse: HOUDINI SANTANNA – Elizabeth Yeary, Owner & Rider

Wrangler Champion Horse: PEPTOREYSCIOUS – Maegan Teykl, Rider; Meagan Hillhouse, Owner

Box-Drive-Box-Drive Champion Horse: TS IF U HAVETHE CASH – Chesney Reeves, Rider; James Reeves, Owner

Fiddlers’ Contest

60 Years and Older

  1. Math Deatherage – Abilene, TX
  2. Bill Burns – Abilene, TX
  3. John Hullum – Olden, TX

31-59 Years

  1. Robbin Westmoreland – Albany, TX
  2. Dody Lehman – Vernon, TX
  3. Carmen Trombley – Eastland, TX

13-30 Years

  1. Sidney Bartee – Albany, TX
  2. Stele Dalberg – Abilene, TX

12 Years and Under

  1. Wade Purcell – Abilene, TX
  2. John Beaty – Breckenridge, TX
    Hadley Hemphill – Coleman, TX
  3. Charli Trail – Albany, TX
  4. Romie Henshaw – Moran, TX
  5. Connor Smith – Albany, TX
  6. Olena Hinshaw – Moran, TX

Master of Ceremony: Bill Burns – Abilene, TX

Matched Horse Race World Finals

  1. World Champion: Anna Shortes
  2. Amanda Maxfield
  3. Brooke Ezell
  4. Michelle Phillips

Foot Race Winners

Girls Morgan Travis

Boys Tiegen Knight


Parade and Street Dance

Parade and Street Dance

2022 WHC Parade Results

Chuckwagon Cookoff

Chuckwagon Cookoff sponsored by H-E-B

2021 WHC Chuckwagon Cook Off Results

Free-form Results

Overall Winners
1.Cross Timbers
2.Slash R

Wagon Authenticity
2.Slash R
3.Cripple Creek
4.Cowboy Heritage Church
5.Cross Timbers

Bread Standings
2.Slash R
3.Cripple Creek
4.Cowboy Heritage Church
5.Cross Timbers

Meat Standings
1.Scorpion Cattle Company
3.Cross Timbers
4.Cowboy Heritage Church
5.Cripple Creek

Bean Standings
1.Slash R
2.Cross Timbers
3.Scorpion Cattle Company
4.Cripple Creek

Potato Standings
1.Cross Timbers
2.Slash R
3.Cripple Creek
5.Rafter JB

Dessert Standings
1.Rafter JB
2.Slash R
3.Brushy Creek Cowboy Church
4.Cross Timbers

2022 Chuckwagon Cookoff

2021 WHC Ranch Rodeo Winning Ranch Team- Matthews/Nail Ranches
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