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Event Results

Results for WHC 2014 events:


Chuckwagon Cookoff Competition 

Bread Standings:

   1st Place: Broken Spur -Keith Middleton, Merkel TX
   2nd: Scorpion Cattle Co.-Johnny Bowen, Roscoe TX
   3rd: West Texas Rehab Center-Archie Jobe, Abilene TX
   4th: Robertson Wagon- Homer Robertson, Granbury TX 
   5th: Brushy Creek - Sam Stone, Clyde TX

Meat Standings: 

   1st Place: Rafter JB- Becky Conway, Cambridge, KS
   2nd: Goode Ranch- Buster McSparran, Hamilton TX
   3rd: West Texas Rehab Center- Archie Jobe, Abilene TX
   4th: T-Farm-Kerry Pack, Andrews, TX
   5th: Robertson-Homer Robertson, Granbury, TX

Bean Standings: 

   1st Place: Robertson-Homer Robertson, Granbury, TX
   2nd: Rafter B- David Buchholz, Dripping Springs, TX
   3rd: Broken Spur- Keith Middleton, Merkel, TX
   4th:  Brushy Creek- Sam Stone, Clyde TX
   5th:  Scorpion- Johnny Bowen, Roscoe TX

Potato Standings:

   1st Place:  Rocking A- Jeff Ashlock, Clyde TX
   2nd: Robertson-Homer Robertson, Granbury TX
   3rd: Cowboy Heritage Church-Gilbert Balch, Clyde TX
   4th: Scorpion-Johnny Bowen, Roscoe, TX
   5th: Rafter JB- Becky Conway, Cambridge, KS 

Dessert Standings: 

   1st Place: Rafter B-David Buchholz, Dripping Springs TX
   2nd: Scorpion-Johnny Bowen, Roscoe TX
   3rd: Brushy Creek- Sam Stone, Clyde TX
   4th: Goode Ranch- Buster McSparran, Hamilton TX
   5th: Cowboy Heritage Church--Gilbert Balch, Clyde TX

Wagon Authenticity: 

   1st Place:  Scorpion-Johnny Bowen, Roscoe TX
   2nd: Goode Ranch-Buster McSparrran, Hamilton TX
   3rd: Rafter JB-Becky Conway, Cambridge, KS
   4th: 2 Circle G-J. Arthur Garcia, Lubbock  TX
   5th: Texas Stampede- Eric Williams, Watauga TX

Overall Winners:  

   1st Place: Scorpion-Johnny Bowen, Roscoe TX
   2nd: Goode Ranch--Buster McSparrran, Hamilton TX
   3rd: Rafter JB-Becky Conway, Cambridge, KS
   4th: Robertson-Homer Robertson, Granbury TX
   5th: Broken Spur - Keith Middleton, Merkel, TX

 Parade Winners:

 Wagons are judged on overall presentation of unit and control of animals & wagon

Buggies & Carts 

 1. Ray Aaron #10, Decatur TX
 2. Bill Winton #4, Winton Carriage Service, Goldthwaite TX
 3. Glenda Pritchard #93, Hamlin TX  


Rubber Tire

 1. Melanie Marten #80, Pony Pal Stables, Potosi TX

Other Wagons 

 1. Ft. Griffin Fandangle #68, Albany  TX
 2. Marvelous Mavericks #8, Forestburg TX
 3. Tim Meyers #24, Red Pony Hitch Wagon, Montgomery  TX


Out of Town Riding Clubs 

 1. Coleman County Cowgirls #54

In Town Riding Clubs 

 1. LoneStar Ladies from Anson #88
 2. Taylor County Sheriff's Posse Riding Club #79
 3. HERO Hendrick Equine  #92


 Antique Cars 

  1.  Dave Randall, Model A Club, Tuscola TX
  2. Bill Smith, 1939 Ford Coupe, Abilene TX
  3. Billy & Carolyn Smith, 1941 Ford Ambulance



  1. John Emerson, 1960 630 John Deere, Abilene TX
  2. Clent Kniffen, 1949 allis Chalmers, Clyde  TX


 OPEN   1. Tye Sr. Citizens-Wedding Day theme
              2. Taylor County Sheriff-Ricky Bishop
              3. Cowboy Up with God's Word Cowboy Church--Worshiping God Country Style
Youth    1. Legacy Complex, Abilene TX
               2. Trent Gorilla Gang, JH & Varsity Cheer Squads & Mascots 

Whoop & Holler Award 

   1. Lone Star Ladies- Anson TX -Ride for cancer
   2. Legacy Challengers of the Legacy Complex-Abilene TX

Fiddler's Contest 

60 years and older:

1. Math Deatherage, Abilene TX
2. T.C. Mitchell, Weatherford TX
3. Bill Burns, Abilene TX
4. John Hullum, Oldham TX

31-59 years 

1. Robbin Guinn, Albany TX 

13-30 years 

1. Rori Roberts, Campbellton TX
2. Jillian Guinn, Albany TX 
3. Sarah Posey, Rotan TX

12 years and under

1. Carter Roberts, Glen Rose TX
2. Rhetta Roberts, Campbellton TX
3. Annie Renke, Olney TX
4. Katelyn Riley, Throckmorton Tx 
5. Sidney Bartee, Albany TX
6. Boone Askew, Albany TX
7. Cooper Roberts, Glen Rose  TX
8.  Bryson Davis, Albany TX
 MC: Randy Turner, Coleman TX
Judges: Jim Sturrock, Jennifer Thompson, Warren Stephens
Contest Directors: Math & Jan Deatherage

 Haney Cannon Stickhorse Rodeo Winners:

 Barrell Racing:

 3-4 years 
 5-6 years7-9 years 
1. Bentley Till
 Ryland Trojcak
 Zane Compton
2. Kasyn Wood 
 Hayden Walraven
 Brylee Moore
3. Blane Clement 
 Jayce Wetsel
Dylan Stephens 

Bronc Riding: 

 3-4 years 5-6 years 7-9 years
1.Wyatt Jordan Ryland Trojcak Ryder Gass    
2. Paxton Trook Jackson Rippetoe Ashtyn Liming 
3. Cory Daughtry Emmalee StephensBrentley Preston 

Boot Race: 

 3-4 years 5-6 years7-9 years
1. Paisley ThibodeauxJackson Rippetoe Ryder Gass 
2. Kylee RoyKylee Woodson Lanie Walker 
3. Guy Paul HughesMason Woodson Zane Compton 

Steer Roping:

 3-4 years5-6 years 7-9 years 10-12 years 
1. Macy ComptonBlaine Roberts Zane Compton Shye Pate 
2. Kasyn Wood Mason Woodson Shye Pate Kyle Danglemayr 
3. Graden RabelBrody Clement Ryder Gass Kevin Danglemayr 

Best Dressed Cowgirl: Swayze Dean Smith 

Best Dressed Cowboy: Taos Armstrong 

Ranch Rodeo Results

1st place: Haythorn Land & Cattle Co.
2nd place: Green Cattle Co.
3rd place: Tongue River Ranch
4th place: Spade Ranches 

Top Remuda: Tongue River Ranch
Top Horse: "Lamar" ridden by Sage Haythorn
Top Hand: Klay Waters-Green Cattle Co. 

Average Winners:
   Calf Branding: Haythorn
   Team Penning: Swenson
   Team Doctoring: Green
   Ranch Bronc Riding: Stuart-Buster Frierson/Robert Forst
   Wild Cow Milking: Haythorn


WHC Horse Sale Results:

Click to see the full results: 
Top Selling Horse: Wimpy's Ginning $29,000
Consignor: Perry Johns- Rafter S Ranch
Ridden by: James Gholson 

Matched Horse Race Winners: 

1st: Diane Wright,  Chandler TX
2nd: Skye Wright,  Chandler TX
3rd: Anna Shortes,  Breckenridge TX
4th: Kodiac Maxfield,  Snyder TX 


RHAA Ranch Horse Competition Finals 

Cowboy Class 

´╗┐DRAW RIDER HORSE OWNER                SCORE                WINNINGS  
1 Gideon Peterson Water Dually                Gideon Peterson       389               $700.00    
2 Quentin Gass          TRR Mr Clyde                Tongue River Ranch      372                600.00   
3 Elwyn McCleskey DP Ginnie Quiz         Casey McCleskey       367                500.00    
4 Laramie Stewart Moonstruck Nic           Pate Stewart               355                400.00    
5 Quentin Gass         TRR Colonel Pep        Tongue River Ranch        0                 300.00    

Class: Ranch Hand Class  

DRAW RIDER                HORSE                   OWNER                      SCORE       WINNINGS  
1 Dusty Burson             Playin With Pick            Burnett Ranches          380               $600.00  
2 Carson Horner                Lil Bit Of This            Carson Horner          379                500.00    
3 Ron Redford             Little Spirit Dancer      Ron Redford          370                400.00    
4 Quentin Gass             TRR Colonel Pep       Tongue River Ranch   368        300.00  
5 Cooper Adams             DS Sparkys Dun Lady    Cooper Adams           365         250.00    

Class: Junior Class  

DRAW       RIDER          HORSE                   OWNER                        SCORE                WINNINGS  
1 Tripp Townsend TRR Lucky Playgun             Tripp Townsend            431                  $ 600.00   
2 Ben Baldus             Cruze Mode                     Waggoner Estate            408                   500.00    
3 Ben Baldus            My Boots Are Tuff             Waggoner Estate            393                   400.00    
4 Kelsey Mosby             Rey To Cool                      Kelsey Mosby            368                   300.00    
5 Mark Voss          Spoonful Of Batter              Mark Voss                    362                   200.00   

Class: Senior Class  

DRAW   RIDER                   HORSE                         OWNER                  SCORE                   WINNINGS  
1    Kelsey Mosby Boons Hot Tamale           Kelsey Mosby                     446                   $500.00   
2    Ben Baldus             Cruze Mode                 Waggoner Estate             420                    400.00   
3    Chance O'Neal       Sixes First Cat          Burnett Ranches             381                    300.00   
4    Ben Lee             Cowboy Secret             Ray Brazzel                     365                    200.00   
5    Parke Greeson       Toys Jerry Maxi            Parke Greeson             295                    100.00   


Other Results

Event Results